INFO 465 – Projects in IS

The class:

“The student’s behavioral and technical skills developed in listed prerequisite courses are challenged by participating in a team systems development project. Appropriate computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools are used throughout the project, from requirement specification to implementation and testing.” (VCU Course Description)

The assignment:

The semester project was to create a site for a two-man landscaping company. The assignment is designed to allow students to better understand EDI concepts, requirements gathering, inventory and customer management, double-entry accounting, and other real-world topics.

Many students decided to use WinForms on Access databases. To switch things up, I used ASP.NET with C# code on a SQL Server 2005 database. The site may look very simple, the reason for this is a requirement to have our applications be presentable on small screens such as netbooks or PDAs. While my site is not explicitly designed for mobile devices, it does look good on small screens such as iPod Touch.

The site which is currently hosted is not the complete site. In fact, it is the product about 2/3 the way through the semester. At this point in the semester, we were given another project. I developed both sites on my local machine, and never uploaded the final product. After graduation, I have been unable to upload the final project.

You may log into the system using the username “ralph” and the password “cheese”.

The Link: INFO 465 Example (site currently down)

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