INFO 300 – Hardware & Software

The class:

Principles of computer hardware and software architecture, organization and operation. Introduction to data structures.

The assignment:

You assignment is to write a short research paper with a minimum of three references on the topic of web accessibility. Additionally you are to construct website in your web space so that it launches from your link at and works appropriately with whatever ‘web page reader’ software you’ve loaded on your PC or notebook computer. Your home page should have a link to your short paper.

On or before the due date for your assignment place the topic, outline, and references for it in a directory just off your home directory named Outlines. Place the title & topic for the brief on the first line of a file named Brief1, then double-space and follow it with the outline and references, using indentation to highlight the structure of your document. Use chmod to set the permissions on the Outlines directory to 700 and the file Brief1 to 600. For the website part of your project, make a directory named ‘web’ just off your home directory. Set its permissions to 701. Your ‘home page’ must be in the web directory, named exactly ‘index.html’. The permissions should be set to 604 for each of the web pages. There should be at least one other page with the technical brief that links back to your home page.

The Link:   INFO 300 Example