The class:

INFO 451 – ASP.NET sought to teach advanced e-commerce practices using ASP.NET and C#.

The assignment:

This was a semester-long group assignment, aimed at honing the skills of each individual, while teaching the real-world connection between all aspects of Information Systems: people, technology, and organization.

The solution:

My group and I decided to offer an online bookseller as our project. Because most teams had two group members, and ours had three, we decided to go the extra step and offer retail books and user-submitted stories.

There was a huge difference in levels of programming knowledge in our group, which slowed things down. However, I am confident to say that our finished product surpassed that of the other groups.

What stands out?

Our site uses an MVC/Factory pattern (not ASP.NET MVC Framework, however). The data access methods are abstracted for modularity, meaning a switch from SQL Server 2005 to Oracle or Access would only require rewriting the fundamental database operations class, instead of each object’s data access layer. Unfortunately, time constraints lead to mixing some of this code into the Data Access Layer. This would have been changed after graduation, but the passwords to access the host server were immediately deactivated.

The Link:  INFO 451 Example

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