Manually debugging Angular scope

While a utility like Angular Batarang is invaluable, you’ll sometimes want to quickly and effectively inspect what exists on a given scope. If you’ve used Angular Batarang, you know that can be a pain in the ass. Here’s a quick alternative that works in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Right-click on some element you want to inspect in your AngularJS-backed page. Select Inspect Element. This will open an ‘Elements’ inspector tab. Leave the element selected in that tab and go to ‘Console’. Type out the following:


This will dump the scope to the console. You can assign this to a variable or navigate the parent/child scopes from here. This works because most browsers’ developer consoles support some extras in their Command Line API. The $0 refers to the most recently selected DOM element (try $0 through $4!).

You can test this out on the AngularJS Phone Catalog Tutorial. Here’s what you should see:

Android element debugging.

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