“Unable to update the dependencies of the project”

I’ve recently had to switch from Visual Studio 2012 back to Visual Studio 2010 to do maintenance on another project. This project is currently stuck in Visual Studio 2010 until I have time to convert the old setup projects to WiX. I often receive the following error message during Release builds:

"Unable to update the dependencies of the project"

Closing Visual Studio 2010 and reopening seemed to have fixed the problem up until about a week ago. I’ve found that installing this hotfix seems to resolve the issue. The only problem is that I’ve had to install the hotfix multiple times.

The ’cause’ on the hotfix page says the issue is a result of how Visual Studio 2010 refreshes dependencies. I wonder if this is handled by Windows Updates updating the .NET Framework? Whatever it is, it’s pretty annoying to have to apply this patch regularly. I guess it’s just another reason for developers to move setup projects to WiX.


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