Makefile setup for minifying .js files in an expressjs application

There’s not really any reason to uglify or minify your JavaScript files on a per-request basis or on a pre-cache basis. This should be done at deployment time only. This can be achieved by adding uglify-js to your package.json file.

// default package.js for an expressjs app using ejs and uglify-js
    "name": "application-name"
  , "version": "0.0.1"
  , "private": true
  , "dependencies": {
      "express": "2.4.6"
    , "ejs": ">=0.4.3"
    , "uglify-js": ">=1.1.0"

Make sure the dependencies are installed with

npm install -

Then, add the following make file and minify your JavaScripts as part of your make process!

JS = $(shell find public/javascripts/*.js)
MINIFY = $(JS:.js=.min.js)

all: clean $(MINIFY)

	rm -f ./public/javascripts/*.min.js

%.min.js: %.js
	node ./node_modules/uglify-js/bin/uglifyjs -o $@ $<

.PHONY: clean js minify

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