WiX: First impressions.

After working with WiX today, I realized that it’s not perfect. But, it isn’t horrible. Maybe my issues are from following “tutorials” that are written for WiX 2.0, while I’m using WiX 3.0.

Whatever the reason, I have encountered only a few problems so far:

  1. <removefolder id="FolderName" on="uninstall">

    this caused a lot of errors. I don’t know if WiX 3.0 has changed how it handles removal of folders? I noticed when I uninstall without specifying <removefolder>, it actually removes the folder properly. (I’m using this on a folder under ProgramMenuFolder)

    • Creating a new UI and adding dialogs was a pain. Referencing my dialog with DialogRef="NewDialogName"

      kept throwing errors. Quite a few google searches later, I still couldn’t find a fix or a reason for the errors. The resolution: instead of creating the dialog in a different file as a Fragment, I just added it to the file modeled after WixUI_Mondo. After doing this, the dialog worked. Maybe fragments are broken? Or, maybe I wasn’t compiling and linking the library properly.

      • Many tutorials refer to a tool called tallow to create a Fragment of Components/Files. But, the tool is now called Heat. It’s a useful tool, but I’m still having problems getting Fragments that I create to work right.
That’s about it, I will write up some solutions to these problems if I find them.