My Review of Android Open Conference 2011: Complete Video Compilation

Hours of Android enjoyment

By Jim Schubert from Richmond, VA on 1/31/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Helpful examples, Easy to understand, Accurate, Concise

Best Uses: Intermediate, Student, Expert

Describe Yourself: Developer

There are a lot of videos here. If you’re only planning to write apps for the market, you’ll most likely not be interested in the Embedded Android talk or Scala as a Java replacement. If you don’t work on iOS and never plan to, you can probably scan through Nick Farina’s talk (sorry, Nick). I found many of the videos worthwhile, whether they related to actual app development or the business of apps.

I also really enjoyed the keynotes. Tim O’Reilly’s talk is probably my favorite because I’ve been saying the same things about many of Tim’s comparisons since I bought my first DROID a couple of years ago.

Even if you’re familiar with Android development, you should definitely watch the videos by Ken Jones. He shows the start of a Twitter client. Although he didn’t get very far in the actual coding, he will point you to the finished code. One aspect I loved about his talks is that he discusses a lot of best practices. Many tutorials you find online either don’t discuss best practices or don’t incorporate them.

Be sure to watch the Arduino videos. I hadn’t heard about Arduino before this video and I was very impressed. In fact, I watched the keynote video twice.

Honestly, there are some videos here that I’m not that interested in. That doesn’t detract from the overall usefulness of this video collection. If you’re 25% of the way through a video and it hasn’t hooked you yet, move onto the next because there is a plethora of information.