Note about Copyrights

You wouldn’t think this would be necessary, but it seems that it is.

All work on my site and in my projects is copyrighted. I am the copyright holder. I have bound most of my work by the MIT, GPL, or Creative Commons licenses.

For the most part, I don’t mind if you use code on my site as long as you give proper credit. “Proper credit” can be as simple as mentioning, “I found this on” and linking back to my site.

Copying my code verbatim which contains my name and posting it on your site as your own work is a violation of the very relaxed licenses I use. Don’t do that unless you give proper acknowledgement first. If something is questionable, contact me.

4 thoughts on “Note about Copyrights”

  1. Hi,
    Sorry if you felt copyright for your code is violated, All my articles are freesource infact i can say same as MIT licenses. I’ve been Creating/Copying/Compiling code in various topics found over web and creating a common repository for java developers to look into their code. Even organization is totally for opensource. If you want me to remove your code from this let me know. I have already given your sit’s link in code

    1. I don’t mind my content being reused when it is open-sourced. The code you used was not open sourced, however blog posts on my site fall back to a Creative Commons license. Because I have posted a Google Maps V3 article relating to this code, the code would also fall under this license.

      The content you posted and used could be assumed to be under this license, but there was no mention of my copyright or the assumed license.

      If you would like, I would happily throw the maps app on GitHub under the MIT license. Then you could use the code as long as the license remains attached. Let me know if you would like this and I will throw it on GitHub when I get a chance.


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