Ruby on Rails, Aptana Studio

This weekend, I decided to give Ruby on Rails a go, considering I just finished school and I’ll have plenty of free time to explore.

I downloaded Aptana Studio and installed Ruby, Rails, PHP, and a few extra ruby gems for fun. Then, I went over to the Rails Guide to follow along and do some learnin’. At the end of the guide, I ran the completed blog application and received errors. A little googling helped me find the solution.

Apparently, Aptana doesn’t install the latest build of gems from its repositories, and the guide was written for the newest version.
As noodlygod writes on the forum linked above:

Hello, I just thought I’d post something as I had the same problem on Windows.

I tried running the command “gem install rails –source” but I received the error: “actionpack requires rack (>= 0.9.0, runtime)”

So I ran “gem install rack” which installed something
And then “gem install rails –source” and it installed 2.3.0 just fine.

Based on this post:
I also changed my rails version in environment.rb to “2.3.0” and renamed “application.rb” to “application_controller.rb” and everything is working. Thanks a bunch for the info!